Week 1 Class notes

Digital Photography 101
Week 1

© S. Mitman 2011

While waiting: Clean your lens! (never rubbing alcohol or windex)
1.   Intros
a.    Bathroom, breaks, parking & back door etc., food,
b.   About me (contact info) write on board cell phone # email
c.    Storm Call list (pass it around)
d.   Class blog squishymit.blogspot.com
Q: do I have permission to post your images on the blog? If not please tell me.
e.    1. Introduce yourself, 2. What are you shooting with? 3. What would you like to get out of this class?
f.     Show of hands: Who prints images? Uses photos in email? Social networking? blogs? At Work? PR?  How use photography?
g.   Goal of this class: Help you improve, add to your tool kit (DD shop), the more you participate, write down questions, research, ask questions…the more you will learn.
h.   Minimum you will need to participate in this class:
                                                            i.      Digital camera
                                                        ii.      Notebook/sketchbook
                                                     iii.      Card reader or patch cord
                                                      iv.      Access to a computer
                                                         v.      Editing software (picassa is good and free)
                                                      vi.      Thumb drive (small/cheap is fine)
                                                  vii.      Internet access is helpful
                                               viii.      Spare batteries
                                                      ix.      Lend cleaning cloth
                                                         x.      Camera bag of some kind (protection)
                                                      xi.      Helpful but not required
1.   Tripod (landscape)
2.   How does a DC work?
a.    Major parts of a DC
b.   my camera has an array of sensors in its CCD that is 3008 horizontally, and 2000 pixels vertically (3008x2000). If you do a simple mathematical formula on the pixel array size you will come up with the "Megapixel" rating of the camera. This is the number that most manufacturers use to sell the camera. The simple formula 3008x2000 = 6,016,000 shows that my camera has over six million pixels, or is a "six megapixel" camera.
c.    the main thing that drives the cost up on digital cameras is the number of megapixels, and the size of the memory buffer.
d.   How to clean a lens dust, blower, fingerprint, stubborn
e.    Battery maintenance, tips
f.     Storing and sharing your images
3.   Shoot self portrait
a.    Unusual POV
b.   Use self timer if you know how

4.   Post Processing
a.    Can you…get your images from your camera to your computer and onto a thumb drive?
b.   Downloading images to laptop
c.    Cropping
d.   Filing conventions

5.   Misc. tips
a.    How find answers when you have questions?
b.   Keep your camera still=clear photo
c.    Keep your camera with you
d.   Take more photos (it’s free!)
e.    Don’t delete in the camera!
f.     Only allowed to share what you have shot in the past week.
g.   How to prevent blurry images…how to hold a camera
h.   Keep your memory card empty (or buy another) $10-12 for 2-4 GB right now (look for sales)

6.     Shooting assignment Look at images:
Assignment 1: Unclutter/simplify
Look for interesting objects or people and shoot a simple,
uncluttered photograph.
Pay attention to the background -- try to have it solid, out of focus or not busy. Fill the frame.
The 3 criteria your images should meet:
 1. In focus
 2. Meets the assignment
3. Is interesting (to you)

7.     Things you will need to do/get:
a.     Only 1 weeks images on your memory card. (buy another or transfer them from the disc to hard drive)
b.   Connection wire for camera or card reader
c.    Picasa if you don’t have one already
8.   You should bring, next class:
-Thumb drive or laptop with 1-self portrait 2-best simplify images