Writing Photo Captions By Bob Gray Original Irregular

Writing Photo Captions
By Bob Gray Original Irregular newspaper
In this order
1. Describe the action (use present tense)
2. Include who and from where
3. Doing what?
4. Where the action took place
5. When it took place
6. Other information can finish up the caption.
7. Include photographer.
8. Writing a headline/title is optional (if not included, one will be added if the photo is a stand-alone).
If the caption contains a group of people, identify them front to back, left to right.

Doe chases bear
Jane Doe, of Hogshollar, chases a bear away from a pig roast on the backside of Bigelow Mountain June 4. The pig roast was held in celebration of the new trailer park being built in the shadow of Bigelow next summer. (Ansel Adams photo)

If the caption goes with a story you’ve written, place it (or them) at the beginning of the story. Do not forget to include photo credit; if none is included, it will be assumed it is you. (Sometimes photos are loaned for stories. It’s important to credit the photo source if not the photographer: “Photo courtesy DRAHS.”) If you do not want to identify the photographer, use: "Contributed photo." Photos that accompany stories do not require headlines.