Week 2 Class Notes

Week 2
Digital Photography
Adult Ed

How did it go?
Who shot 50+ images, 100+, 200+ 500+??
Who thought about steadying the camera? Holding breath? Use a tripod?
Who cropped an image?
Who messed with contrast, color, exposure, experimented?
How did moving images from camera to editing to thumb go?
Who has an empty memory card?
Did anyone encounter a question? How did you answer it?
Review tools in our tool belt:
·       Keep camera with you
·       Keep camera ready (empty card, spare batteries, clean lens)
·       Hold it still (brace yourself, hold breath)
·       Shoot lots
·       Experiment with POV
·       Pay attention to background and/or simplify

Have blog up on screen, quick tour.

Critique is about the viewer and their reaction to the work.

·       Keep it positive
·       Where does your eye go first?
·       How make you feel?
·       What I like…
·       How relate to 3 criteria?

Positive and negative space
Point of interest

BASIC: aperture and shutter and ISO
Auto; best for quick shots, camera will do it all
Flash/off  will not fire, useful for: weddings, museums
Portrait- natural skin tones, blurs background (DOF)
Landscape- greens and blues more vivid, focus to infinity, max DOF, flash off
Sports/action  freezes subject, active focusing, fast shutter speed
 close-up: focus in centered in viewfinder
night portrait balances light on subject with light in background, flash:auto, low light=long shutter speed so use a tripod
night scene
beach & snow
children & pets

Types of cameras, define:
1. Ultra compact
2. Point and shoot
3. Prosumer or advanced digital camera
5. Large format

Labeling your images for the web/blogs/ebay etc.

• Most Web servers are case sensitive. This means that an image called "Rover.jpg" is going to be different from an image named "rover.jpg". I would give all your files lowercase names. Avoid spaces. Use an underscore (_) or a hyphen (-) between words. Numbers (0-9) are fine.

Editing software does, ‘non-destructive editing’

Rule of Thirds instruction


• Google a question or two about your photo editing software and/camera “how do I…” ?
• Youtube (your editing software tutorials)
• Strive for these 3 rules: 1. in focus, 2. meets the assignment 3. Interesting
• Shooting assignment: Apply the compositional tool ‘Rule of Thirds’ to your images this week. Avoid using ‘bull’s eye’ composition. Keep shooting, experimenting, and editing. Bring 2-3 images to share next week on your thumb drive.